The collection of European Makers

The collection of European Makers Gallery consists of work by artists from all over Europe. We always try to offer you a wonderfully varied choice within the various disciplines; ceramics, glass, textiles and paintings. Beautiful works from all over Europe are brought together under one roof

Most of our Makers are inspired by the landscape, the culture and the music of their native country, but also by the countries they have travelled . Each of our artists has had to find an individual solution to obtain the ultimate craftsmanship in his/her own field and to unite form, function and colour .

It may well be that on seeing those serene and/or colourful objects in our inspiring surroundings, you will get the feeling of being on a journey yourself...

On this page (on your right) we show you an object from each discipline.

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Ursula Commandeur, Germany

en keramist Paul Jackson, Engeland
Ursula Commandeur Works intuitively – with her ‘inner eye’ and her work shows lots of movement. There are similarities with marine life or individual parts of the body of sea creatures. When she uses rubber cords, the elasticity allows her to make use of the tension between the elasticity of the cord and the porcelain.

From: ‘High wire act’ by Sally Schöne